Tom Angleberger Books

His Origami Series:

A comedic story in the vein of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I believe Angleberger does a much better job being funny and not just being dumb. The situations that his characters get into throughout the story are hilarious, and their reactions connect to the reader. The newest one, Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, is interesting still, but not as good as the first two. It was lacking some of the togetherness of the other books and didn’t wow me. Maybe that is because Dwight, the main character, is not featured. Also, there were some foul language issues, that I wish could have been left out. I don’t think there is one real swear word, but there are a good amount of fake, spelled different swears.

His Horton Halfpott Book:

A lively and quick mystery with clever and interesting writing. Again, Angleberger does a good job in not dumbing down his words for his audience. Horton, a lowly servant boy, tries his best to do good, and helps others in the process.

His Fake Mustache Book:

Ultimately silly, but pure fun. The chapters are short and the writing is packed tight with mystery and hilarious circumstances and happenings.

I would highly recommend this author to kids in upper elementary and middle school, boys especially.

Parents – I would recommend these books for their positive values and lack of inappropriate situations. Angleberger seems to be an author that understands the need for fiction that upholds certain values. Again, he also doesn’t dumb things down or overuse potty humor.


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