Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson – Highly Recommended!

I heartily recommend this second book in the Wingfeather Saga series by Peterson (I actually recommend them all). As a series, the novels seem well paced, with short chapters, and they keep even me, a young adult male, interested. The Igiby children continue in their quest to survive and honor their Maker, while coming together as a family. The positive themes of responsibility and doing right no matter the circumstances are the stuff kids desperately need. In one instance, godly sorrow is on display for the reader, the best I’ve seen in any book. In another part of the book, a main adult character gives a lesson on humility, talking to Janner (the main older boy character) about how when a king forgets who he is, he looks to his accomplishments and is not filled. Young elementary students may not catch the lesson, or may struggle with the language, but it is a worthy and needed struggle to find these gems of truth.

It has been one of my goals through this blog, to connect parents and children to books like these. Books that develop the moral imagination, and tell true truths. All the important and epic themes are included: good vs. evil, relationships, coming-of-age, etc. Truths abound that connect to Jesus who gives us words that are spirit and life.

Tink, one of the young heroes in the book, comes up against many hard choices, and his struggle is rightly informative to godly, moral imagination. My favorite part has to be when the family was having one of their many “family meetings” and began talking about magic. The Mom goes on at length about many things being magic because they are awe-inspiring and¬†explainable. The truths about our view of the world and how things work were put into a beautiful perspective in this particular passage.

Pick this series up for your kids. You won’t be disappointed. I’m so excited to read the fourth book; to be able to experience more truth presented in such an imaginative way.

By the way, check out the author’s site @ He has a note specifically to parents about his calling to create redemptive literature for youth. His music is also a blessing to me. Check out, You’ll Find Your Way, from his Light for the Lost Boy album. My boy really likes that song.


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