Review of The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

Highly Recommended!

If you haven’t read any of Trenton Stewart’s books, then you are missing out. I would choose any of his Mysterious Benedict books over the Wimpy Kids and Twilights of recent times. Trenton is able to keep you interested and keep you guessing at the same time. As a young parent of little boys, I have already started compiling this series for my shelves. My younger brother, a married man in his 20s also loved these books.

This title in the series goes back in history in order to tell us Mr. Benedict’s childhood story. Like many troubled children in stories, Nicholas has been passed from orphanage to orphanage. He has no friends, no consistency, no purpose. Part of the wonder in this book is Nicholas’ growth into a purpose and a meaning for his life. Of course, Stewart includes all the humorous wordplays and situations throughout the book.

I was rooting for Nicholas throughout the whole book. I hope that some upper elementary and middle school boys especially can find some hope and purpose from the story of Nicholas. The words in this book, although not explicitly Christian, show us the truth of relationships and sacrificing for the good of others. This is a needed corrective to the self-seeking, what’s in it for me type attitudes in children’s fiction. May the word dwell in us richly.


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