Bible Books for Little People

I have some recommendations for children’s books that promote the Gospel in a unique and effective way. My two year old son does not regularly go for the many Bibley books we have around. I usually have to pick them out for him; his favorites these days are the Seuss books and the Fly Guy books. So these recommendations are more from me and not from his three-year-old mind.

My Big Book of Bible Stories, by Phil A. Smouse – Got this one from Truth for Life. Try to find the audio online of Alistair Begg reading the Ruth story. The book contains 17 stories from both the Old and New Testament. They are rhymed to the tune or style of Dr. Seuss. We would read them at dinner times with our two little boys.

The Jesus Storybook Bible, by Sally Lloyd Jones – I have this one on my e-reader. The way she works Jesus into all of the familiar stories is great. Our fave story is the one about the little girl that Jesus raises from the dead. Sally clearly shows the kindness and compassion of Jesus. She also fits in a reference to Lord of the Rings, by stating that Jesus is in the business of making the sad things come untrue. Amen!

More to come…

Just a side note… Be sure to have a hymnal or other songbook in your home in order to sing some songs together as a family. My son is so excited to pick songs from the hymnal and then end with Luther’s “Mighty Fortress” as he affectionately calls it. He has all the first verse memorized. The fun part for me is trying to sight read some obscure hymn that I’ve never heard before, just because my son picked it. All the while my wife sits nearby and laughs.


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