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Review of Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman

I really liked the book and this author. He owns the same exact car as me. Go Plymouth Breeze!

This book was recommended by my dad and others in my family. I am glad that I picked it up and finally read through it. The book is written in an easy, pastoral style, and it does a good job of being practical. In the first part of the book, Kyle helps the reader diagnose whether or not they are a fan of Jesus or a follower of Jesus. He uses the DTR or define the relationship construct to see where we are with Jesus. That DTR acronymn was quite the thing at my Bible college, but it was used solely for romantic guy/girl reasons. In this first part, Kyle will highlight a Bible passage and then expound on it in order to do an either/or diagnosis. You are either a fan or a follower, you are making a decision or a commitment, you have knowledge about him or intamacy with him, etc. Then, at the end of each chapter, Idleman gives a testimony of someone who has come from the one side of easy fan belief to follower belief.

In the second part, Kyle discusses Luke 9:23 and uses 4 chapters to go over each thought from the verse. He starts by saying that people love to share John 3:16, but you don’t see many signs proclaiming Luke 9:23.

Lastly, in the third part, there are three chapters that deal with following Jesus wherever, whenever, and whatever may come. Again. Kyle usually starts with a Bible story and then applies it directly to the reader along with some compelling stories.

The stories that Kyle tells are probably my favorite part of the book. I feel like I really know the guy after reading. Which, I guess, explains my joy in finding out he drives a Plymouth Breeze. I truly enjoyed reading this book and the thoughtful style that Kyle uses. He is like a loving and concerned pastor or father and tries to be straight with his reader. I highly recommend this book. Pick it up.

P.S. At summer camp I read some of this book to the high school boys in my cabin. They seemed to relate to his tone and message. I am going to try to give the book away to a high school boy.


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