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If We Survive by Andrew Klavan

This was definitely one of his best for teens. Quick on the action and full of positive elements in a world of discouragement. Klavan is able to write a intriguing thriller, while giving a message of hope. I was encouraged by the whole. I would strongly recommend this book to teens that I come into contact with.

The story centers around a missions group that travels to Mexico to help build a school. Things build crazily from there as the team finds themselves caught in a revolution.

Be warned, there is murder in this book and other more mature situations. Still, it is tame compared to other novels available.

Klavan also writes from a conservative worldview… His characters wrestle with faith and real issues, not just whether or not to date the attractive vampire boy. Teens who read this will be confronted with revolutions and evil regimes, good vs. evil, and doing the best for someone even if it’s hard and costs you something.

The strongest character is a young woman named Meredith. The main character continually notices the fearlessness in this young woman and wonders at her ability to¬†persevere¬†in the trials. The boys in the book notice the beauty in Meredith’s resolve and character, not just in her looks.


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